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Phone Rumors and Excitement – Motorola Sholes/Toa (Pictures and info)

Verizon, Google, Motorola all in one place.

Anyone that know me knows I love to have new phone I love cool phone and I love Multi-featured phone. For the past 2 and a half years THE phone to get has been the iPhone. I don’t have an AT&T account and I don’t want one. I’ve been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon but it looks like my wait is over, because THE new phone to have is on its way. The Motorola Sholes (or Toa) runs on the Google Android platform and will be released later this year.

First, here are the *specs…
* OMAP3430 – 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX 530 GPU + 430MHz C64x+ DSP + ISP (Image Signal Processor)
* Dimensions 60.00 x 115.80 x 13.70 mm
* Weight 169 g
* Battery Li-ion 1400 mAh.
* Standby 450 hours, talk time 420 minutes
* 3.7-inch touch-sensitive display with a resolution of 854×480 pixels, 16 million color depth. Physical screen size is 45.72 mm by 81.34 mm.
* 512MB/256MB ROM/RAM
* microSD / microSDHC expansion slot
* Camera: 5.0 megapixel with autofocus and video recorder
* Connectivity: USB2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wi-Fi
* Supported audio formats: AMR-NB/WB, MP3, PCM / WAV, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA
* Supported video formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, WMV
* GPS navigation
* Package Contents: Phone Motorola Sholes, battery, charger, USB cable, 8GB MicroSD memory card and other literature.

You’re asking yourself, “John your contract for verizon is up, why not jsut buy an iPhone?” There are a couple reasons for this.

1. I used to be a Cingular customer from 2002 to ’05. 3 Years of annoying amounts of dropped calls, dead zones, and poor call quality. I’m not a doctor or anyone important so a dropped call can be fixed by a quick call back. But, I pay good money for phone service and I that service delivered to me perfectly and uninterupted.
2. The iPhone was the hottest thing on the block for the past couple years. I love having devices when they are fresh and new releases. Having one now would be nice but I want a device that fixes all of the iphones problems.
3. Native Google voice support. I’m new to Google Voice and I don’t use it much but that’s because I have a phone that doesn’t support any google App! And once I heard AT&T/Apple denied the Google Voice App, It began to quickly sway my opinion of Apple/ the iPhone.

So how about some Pictures?
These Pictures were released on 9-30-2009 on Howard Forums.
And they make me pretty excited. Since the phone has not been officially announced and now we see that it is up and running. Running apps and looking a the App Store.

What excites me most about this phone? It runs android as it’s native OS. This is fantasitc. Developers developers developers! Finally i will have a phone that can be developed for openly. Finally I will have a phone that isn’t locked down by Verizon’s HORRIBLE operating system.

Android and me posted a letter they received stating the “Motorola xxx will be released exclusively to Verizon on 12/1/2009” They also say “xxx shatters the standard mobile web experience” and “Equipped with a powerful processor, Flash and full HTML browser, xxx delivers webpages, 3d graphics, videos and more…”

I am very excited for this phone if you can’t tell. And, if everything works out the way it should, I will have it in my hand on launch day. See you at the verizon store, Dec. 1 @ 8 or 9Am.

*As of 10-1-2009 nothing has been officially confirmed by Verizon.

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