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Show Review – Film Riot, a new type of show.

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I work in the TV business and few months ago I had a mini internal freakout.

“The business is changing, TV is changing, entertainment is changing avertising is changing. I need to find another field of work.”

I’m right television and entertainment are changing. But, we still need to be entertained. So someone still needs to make content for whatever medium we’ll be enjoying content from.

Youtube propelled web video into a realm it was never really thought of before. Before 2006 in order to watch something on the web we had to stream/buffer a Quicktime or Windows media file. Youtube introduced Flashvideo which paved the way for HULU (the big TV networks’ lead competitor to Youtube)

Where am I going with this … Ahh yes, TV is changing, No we have creative people and groups making content for the web. We see companies like The Twit Network and Revision3.

One of my favorite shows to watch right now is Film Riot

Film Riot is informative and funny. It’s basically some dudes from Triune Films answering e-mails about how to do certain video/film techniques on the cheap. Usually accompanied by witty banter and hilarity.
Check out an episode, this is one of my favorites. How-to simulate a car crash, teleport … and nudity.

Funny right? What?! you didn’t watch it yet? Go ahead, I’ll wait…..


Done now? I don’t believe you, but we’ll move on.
What’s my point about this entire post? nothing!!!!
Just kidding, my point is that entertainment is changing but, as I said, people still need to create that content. And now the big networks aren’t the gatekeepers. Anyone can create and show it to the world. From the crap to the gold. So turn on your webcam, your Sony Handycam or come find me and let’s start creating!

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

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