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CTRL is a web only show on the NBC website. Now I don’t know if you all have noticed, but they now put the TV on the interwebnetpostcom. I know, I was surprised too. CTRL is a short show or I guess really a long commercial, either way when you are done you have been entertained and want to drink some Nestea. (I hear it’s liquid awesomeness) Anyways the show is about a guy (Buster from Arrested Development) who has a real jerk for a boss (Van from Reba) and a crush on the office secretary (cute asian girl that has been in a lot of things, but you can never name one) and he spills some Nestea (the drink that goes in your belly) onto his keyboard. Most of the time if you spill things on your keyboard at work you just switch it with the guy’s next to you and go on with life, but in CTRL it gives his keyboard super powers and whatever command he prompts on the keyboard has real life consequences.

So I know it sounds stupid and maybe it is, but the cast does a great job and the story is nice. Its like a short play more than a TV show, the sets are minimal, the cast is small, and the plot is simple. It’s a great way to just sit back and waste a couple of minutes watching some funny people be funny. If you go into it looking for some quirky shorts I think you will come out on the other end more than happy, if you go into it looking for a new favorite TV show you may be a little disappointed. So if you are still waiting for next week when new TV starts up give it a try.
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