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Show Review – Film Riot, a new type of show.

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I work in the TV business and few months ago I had a mini internal freakout.

“The business is changing, TV is changing, entertainment is changing avertising is changing. I need to find another field of work.”

I’m right television and entertainment are changing. But, we still need to be entertained. So someone still needs to make content for whatever medium we’ll be enjoying content from.

Youtube propelled web video into a realm it was never really thought of before. Before 2006 in order to watch something on the web we had to stream/buffer a Quicktime or Windows media file. Youtube introduced Flashvideo which paved the way for HULU (the big TV networks’ lead competitor to Youtube)

Where am I going with this … Ahh yes, TV is changing, No we have creative people and groups making content for the web. We see companies like The Twit Network and Revision3.

One of my favorite shows to watch right now is Film Riot

Film Riot is informative and funny. It’s basically some dudes from Triune Films answering e-mails about how to do certain video/film techniques on the cheap. Usually accompanied by witty banter and hilarity.
Check out an episode, this is one of my favorites. How-to simulate a car crash, teleport … and nudity.

Funny right? What?! you didn’t watch it yet? Go ahead, I’ll wait…..


Done now? I don’t believe you, but we’ll move on.
What’s my point about this entire post? nothing!!!!
Just kidding, my point is that entertainment is changing but, as I said, people still need to create that content. And now the big networks aren’t the gatekeepers. Anyone can create and show it to the world. From the crap to the gold. So turn on your webcam, your Sony Handycam or come find me and let’s start creating!

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

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New shows

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve heard that some people become sad during the winter months, some sort of seasonal depression due to a lack of sunlight or birds chirping or something. One of the cures is to wear a hat around that has a light bulb in the rim, I think that’s a funny cure. I don’t understand this affliction though, how can anyone be sad when there is new TV on the air? Someone is spending a lot of money with sole intention of getting my attention, which is hard to get and harder when speaking on retention and not to mention they want me to watch it live without the use of the Tivo under my television. (I’m so sorry for that, I should write this when I’m not tired)

I feel good about this years premiers, it seems like there are less stupid reality shows and more well scripted TV hitting me. (TV only hits me because it loves me) This year Glee has stood out as the show that my wife and I both like to watch. It fills a space in our hearts that was previously filled by the Pie Maker.
Glee: Making musicals ok for straight people too. This show brings show tunes and pop rock to you in equal parts, not to mention hot people in their late twenties pretending to be high school cheerleaders. That is how porn work too, just saying. I knew I would like this show when a high school boy used the memory of him accidently committing vehicular manslaughter so not to prematurely Glee when making out with girls. I probably watched that clip a thousand times. And you can’t beat women dressing in cheerleading outfits and dancing raunchy. I think this is considered family TV too, which makes me think your kids might be perverts.
So if you are depressed this winter bask in the warm glow of new television. There is enough good stuff out there to keep you from jumping in the shower with that light bulb hat on and ending it all. Keep an eye on the page and John and I will update it every Thursday and Tuesday night until we get distracted by something.
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September 11, 2009 Leave a comment

CTRL is a web only show on the NBC website. Now I don’t know if you all have noticed, but they now put the TV on the interwebnetpostcom. I know, I was surprised too. CTRL is a short show or I guess really a long commercial, either way when you are done you have been entertained and want to drink some Nestea. (I hear it’s liquid awesomeness) Anyways the show is about a guy (Buster from Arrested Development) who has a real jerk for a boss (Van from Reba) and a crush on the office secretary (cute asian girl that has been in a lot of things, but you can never name one) and he spills some Nestea (the drink that goes in your belly) onto his keyboard. Most of the time if you spill things on your keyboard at work you just switch it with the guy’s next to you and go on with life, but in CTRL it gives his keyboard super powers and whatever command he prompts on the keyboard has real life consequences.

So I know it sounds stupid and maybe it is, but the cast does a great job and the story is nice. Its like a short play more than a TV show, the sets are minimal, the cast is small, and the plot is simple. It’s a great way to just sit back and waste a couple of minutes watching some funny people be funny. If you go into it looking for some quirky shorts I think you will come out on the other end more than happy, if you go into it looking for a new favorite TV show you may be a little disappointed. So if you are still waiting for next week when new TV starts up give it a try.
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