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Grey’s Anatomy In Space, but not really.

I recently watched Defying Gravity, a new ABC show that is being described as Grey’s Anatomy in space. As I watched I realized that whoever thought up that comparison was either an idiot or had never seen Grey’s Anatomy. (that sounds dirty) This person apparently doesn’t have the ability to differentiate ideas and concepts. He goes around comparing apples and oranges, he tells people things like “up is like down, but in Australia”, and once he acquired third degree burns after attempting to plug his own dick into a wall socket after mistaking it for an extension cord. The latter being extremely upsetting because it wasn’t really that long a ding dong, but in an effort to abide by journalistic integrity I do feel the need to report (for the ladies) it was wider than normal.

Now that I have the requisite dick joke out of the way, it was really solid science fiction, that was light on the nerd factor. The pilot introduces great characters with well thought out back stories and interesting motives. This is a rare thing on television and even more rare in science fiction. The genre gives vast freedoms to story and plot, but characters usually come from the bargain bin. Defying Gravity is really a solid show, but if you are looking for quality sci fi I’m afraid you better look fast slumping ratings may send this show to join Firefly and Virtuality.
The cast is composed of the guy from early edition that got the news paper early and the really hot blond chick from a Nickelodeon soap opera that came on when I was a kid called “Fifteen”. At the time I was “Thirteen” and really liked “Fifteen” mainly because of her, “twelve” years later I finally got to see her in her undies and it took me back. I immediately felt confused about my pants getting tighter and had a craving for Power Ranger gummy snacks. (two wiener jokes, Good Blog!)
So here’s the short of it: It’s not Grey’s Anatomy in space, it’s more Lost in space, but not the Danger Will Robinson kind, , more like the Freckles and The Other Lost…in space. The characters are solid and the nerd factor is low, considering it takes place on a spaceship. The stories are slow paced, but they aren’t used up and gimmicky. If you are looking for new episodes in the summer here is your show. Give it try, you might like it. I give it a solid 7 out 10 rings around your anus. (Not even subtle with that last one)
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