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Web Game Review – Red Remover

Red Remover

Another Cool mindless web game … or is it?!
This is a cool little puzzle game that has 1 rule. That rule is to get all the red blocks off the screen. You can click them to make them disappear or make them fall off the screen. That’s the only rule!
Oh wait, you have light-red and dark-red objects. So you click on the light-red objects to get them off the screen but you have to make the dark-red object fall off the screen.

Crap, you need to save the green objects too, and the blue ones can be saved or taken off the screen. And then! you have to factor in 4 different directions of gravity! Lets check out some gameplay footage …

So this is a pretty fun and time killer. You can play through each stage once, then again to make par, then again on bonus mode. Once you accomplish all of that, 5 bonus stages are unlocked for a total of 45 stages.

Some of the puzzle elements are pretty tough, especially when trying to complete the stage at par. I think the 39th level was toughest for me. Timing was so important. If you have any questions about solving a stage, shoot me an e-mail or write a comment and i’ll help out if i can.

There is also an Edit mode where you can make your own levels, looks pretty cool and easy to do but I haven’t really played with that feature.

Should you play it? Yes

Total play time: 3hrs (2 days on and off play time for me)

My rating: 8 out of 10 glasses of white wine.
You can play it here at http://www.silvergames.com/game/red-remover/

Thanks for reading. Keep checking back for more info from Jacksboro.

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